Gezeiten Haus Schloss Eichholz

Private specialist clinic for psychosomatic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

The focus of the Gezeiten Haus at Schloss Eichholz is the integrative acute treatment of mental disorders, especially posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic and depression as well as child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy (inpatient and outpatient).

The castle, with its 19th century architectural style and spacious grounds, is an impressive sight. From the first moment, patients have the feeling that "Here you will experience respectful encounters and spend time which will enrich your life." The 30 acre park-like grounds are available to all patients for outdoor therapy and exercise programs as well as a space for relaxation and retreat.

General information

Capacity    80 treatment units
Waiting time     1 week


Gezeiten Haus Schloss Eichholz
Urfelder Str. 221
50389 Wesseling

Phone: +49 2236 39 39 0
E-Mail: schloss-eichholz(at)