Multimodal Treatment Concept

The Gezeiten Haus builds a bridge between "Western medicine" (psychosomatic medicine) and "Eastern medicine" (traditional Chinese medicine). Therapeutic methods from both directions are incorporated into a treatment plan which is adapted to the patient's individual situation and needs.

Committed to evidence-based medicine

The multimodal treatment concept of the Gezeiten Haus clinics is based on a basic humanistic attitude, joy in encounters, many years of clinical experience, and the latest scientific findings, while taking current guidelines into account. Depending on the treatment situation, psychosomatic, psychotherapeutic, psychiatric, general medicine, internal medicine and traditional Chinese therapeutic approaches are integrated into the treatment plan. Thorough interdisciplinary diagnostics as well as a detailed discussion regarding therapy planning form the basis of the continually adapted therapy plan. Medical crisis interventions and individual therapeutic discussions with the care team supplement the therapeutic program.