When the door to your resources opens once again, when you recognize your unchanging nature, when you experience stability and expand your ability to regenerate – then you are on the path to a sustained recovery which involves more than just coping with a disease or difficult situations.

In retrospect ... over the long term

It is only in retrospect that you will recognize whether the Gezeiten Haus concept has a lasting effect: Your system remains in balance because you are not giving more than you have. You rely on perception and your own impulses and also find your way back to your starting point again and again during times of transition. You have learned to appreciate mindfulness and attentively continue on your path.

Support for "core health"

Mindfulness and sustainability are a fundamental basic attitude in the Gezeiten Haus. We want to help people heal at their "core" in order to lead an unfettered life which fits their nature and which is nourished by confidence, joy and meaning.

By creating a future for people, we sow sustainability for society, because health is the basis for doing good things for oneself and others.