Origin of the name „Gezeiten Haus“ (House of Tides)

The tides have a rhythm of ebb and flow. In doing so, they pause twice: at the highest point of flow and at the lowest point of ebb. Their nature does not change, even if each new ride brings changes. – This is because life is change.

An ebb by itself dries out and an flow by itself causes flooding; the tides give life.

Dr. med. Manfred Nelting

The integration of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the treatment plan is a special characteristic of the Gezeiten Haus. In TCM, health is defined as, among other things, the balance between yin and yang, the polarizing fractions of which the qi energy consists. The name "Gezeiten Haus" was given also to express the fundamental ideas of TCM in the name, because ebb and flow are also opposites which create life together.

More than ten years ago, Dr. Manfred Nelting and Elke Nelting opened the first Gezeiten Haus clinic in Bonn, the private specialist clinic for psychosomatic medicine, psychotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Today, the Gezeiten Haus Group also includes the Gezeiten Haus Schloss Eichholz (trauma clinic/child and adolescent psychiatry), the Gezeiten Haus Schloss Wendgraeben (depression and trauma disorders in connection with addiction disorders/child and adolescent psychiatry), the Gezeiten Haus Oberhausen day clinic as well as the Gezeiten Haus Academy.