There is an alternative to the acute escalation of the course of a disease and to a "career" as a chronically ill person. Whether you refer to it as precaution or aftercare, we call it thoughtful life care

The principles of life care sound simple, are based on long-standing practical knowledge and the latest scientific research results and have proven themselves time and again. They are not a therapy, master plan or diet. They are a way of living which will always accompany you and enrich your life.

Health and burnout prevention as a way of life

  1. Mindfulness and acceptance
  2. Strike a balance and find humility
  3. Activity and leisure in flux
  4. Trusting one's own perception
  5. A sense of belonging and community
  6. Joy for change

Basis for the future

In the Gezeiten Haus, you learn a mindful and thoughtful way of life in full inpatient, partial inpatient (day clinic) as well as outpatient treatment and during training, coaching and supervision sessions. The development of health competence is a contribution of the Gezeiten Haus for the whole – as the basis for future.

A person who takes care of and loves his or her "I" can also live "we". The Gezeiten Haus lays many small cornerstones in the present for a more human future.