Gezeiten Haus Oberhausen
Day Clinic

Private partially inpatient specialist clinic for psychosomatic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Partial inpatient (day) treatment makes it possible to maintain contact with important caregivers and remain in a familiar environment. However, the decision for a day clinic also depends on the degree of severity of the illness and the family situation. In individual cases, the treatment in the Oberhausen day clinic may also be appropriate for shortening an inpatient stay or facilitating the transition from inpatient treatment to routine private and professional life.


Fields of treatment

  • Burn-out/stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Tinnitus/Hearing disorders
  • Chronic Pain
  • Psychosomatic & somatoform disorders
  • Eating disorders/obesity

Many programs in the Oberhausen day clinic are implemented in and with a "therapy family". People who share similar life stories and experiences can find common solutions in contact with each other and through the personal exchange of thoughts and feelings.

The multimodal treatment concept of the Gezeiten Haus clinics is based on a basic humanistic approach, many years of clinical experience, and the latest scientific findings. Logotherapy and existential analysis (work with purpose) are important components of the therapeutic work in the Oberhausen day clinic. These forms of therapy primarily concern recognizing one's own intuitive and creative/intellectual abilities in order to regain manner of living which is perceived as meaningful and valuable.

General Information

Capacity    18 treatment units
Waiting time     1 week


Gezeiten Haus Tagesklinik Oberhausen
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46145 Oberhausen-Sterkrade

Phone: +49208 74 04 06 11
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