A family-run company: the Neltings

Our society is changing as never before: Not only in terms of pace but also in terms of how we work, how we communicate. As a result, the needs of people and therapeutic possibilities are also changing. The Gezeiten Haus group views itself to be a living organism which is always developing further. Here, tradition and change go hand in hand.

A person who loves his or her "self" can live "we". We are laying the foundation in the present for a more humane future.

— Dr. med. Manfred Nelting

The Gezeiten Haus is a family business, founded more than ten years ago by Elke and Manfred Nelting. Elke and Manfred and theier three children all work  at the company: As CEO, Fritjof Nelting is responsible for the entire group of companies. Nina Nelting, in marketing, provides physicians and practices with detailed information about our activities, our concept and admission procedures and works in the field of marketing. Frederik Nelting is the Brand  Ambassador and Management Officer of  the Gezeiten Haus Academy which provides training, workshops and events in the fields of prevention and mindful self-care. Frederik additionally inspires patients and staff as an improvisation trainer. Elke Nelting and Manfred Nelting while no longer involved in the day-to-day operations, continue as a driving force  at the Gezeiten Haus through their work in the supervisory board.

We accompany people on their journey to lasting health, following our intuition built upon our expertise and considerable experience; guided by a deep sense of responsibility, we shape the present for a more humane future.