Interpersonal Medicine

The Gezeiten Haus is a place offering a heartfelt encounter as equals and a feeling of security in which the focus is on you as a person and not primarily on methods or fast results. Here you will experience esteem and appreciation for your life journey and you will get in touch with your life skills once again.

Getting back in touch

Having an appreciative view of your resources may not always be easy for you. Yet a path to your lasting recovery leads precisely from here – just as water in the ocean always finds its way back, you will find your way to yourself and other people.

Stability in turbulent times

You will cross paths with physicians, nursing staff, therapists, fellow patients and all people who are a part of Gezeiten Haus. They will give you momentum along the way. Sometimes you notice the gift of an encounter perhaps after some delay – very gently, while you have an encounter with your own self.

The team at the Gezeiten Haus provides you with the support you need during turbulent phases.