Fields of Treatment


Burn-out as an at-risk situation is a process during which a hyperstress system develops. In the Gezeiten Haus, the symptoms and their causes are treated in an interdisciplinary and multimodal way.


In the Gezeiten Haus, depression is considered from the physical, mental and psychosocial standpoints. Physicians and therapists accompany the patients on their way through depression back to good health. 


Addiction is a  widespread phenomenon. An addiction is defined as when the need for a substance or a behavior is compulsive and the affected person cannot eliminate his/her addictive behavior without outside help - whether this behavior involves the consumption of alcohol or other drugs, gambling, Internet use, etc.

Trauma and PTSD

The Gezeiten Haus trauma clinic specializes in trauma-specific treatment with high-frequency EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) individual therapy. This is recognized as one of the most effective methods for PTSD.

Anxieties and Panic Disorders

To be able to get off the anxiety merry-go-round, thought strategies are developed and mindfulness-based relaxation methods are practiced at Gezeiten Haus to enable anxiety and panic to be handled more calmly.

Obesity (Severe Overweight)

Obesity  is not simply the manifestation of a lack of willpower. To shed light on the reasons, we use proven mindfulness exercises, among other things.


Gezeiten Haus draws on the experience of Dr. Manfred Nelting in treating more than 7,000 tinnitus patients. From the knowledge gathered, he has developed an auditory and perception therapy based on the clinical experience in treating patients suffering from this condition.

Pain Disorders

Thoughts revolve only around the pain, while physicians "can't find anything" ... The goal of integrative pain therapy at the Gezeiten Haus is to establish a new order in the organism.

If you have had a complicated chronic condition with many visits to the doctor, examinations, and unsuccessful treatment attempts and if you continue to suffer from physical symptoms, a psychosomatic diagnostic workup and indicated integrative therapy consisting of conventional medicine, psychotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine may provide the chance for relief from your symptoms.