Doing what is appropriate

To quickly press the right button, to simply flip the switch – this is what many patients want. Yet becoming healthy is a process and every disease has its own individual story.

Only what is appropriate is right

What is appropriate for you sometimes depends on your experiences, your social relationships, your current life situation as well as your mission for us. The combination of therapeutic methods from psychosomatic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) serves as the key to enable you to access your resources  once again. The mobilization of your self-healing capacities paves the way to a lasting recovery.

We pave the way to recovery

Mental and physical symptoms may indicate diseases with underlying, multifaceted causes. To bring the body and mind back into contact is a central treatment approach at Gezeiten Haus. Qi Gong, rest, meditation and a healthy diet form the framework of the therapy concept.

The focus of the therapies is your individual journey to recovery.